"Tea-time with Testers" connects with people across the globe. We reach out to our audience in various forms like Monthly Magazine, Blogs, Meetups, Special Guest Webinars, On-demand trainings (on-line as well as corporate) almost for everything that falls under Software Testing field.

Advertising Services and Solutions

We are connected with over 20,000 readers across 102 countries in the world.

Under advertising services, we offer:

  • Designing excellent adverts to compliment your product. 

  • Electronic advertising on "Tea-time with Testers" and its partner websites

  • Adverts in our monthly magazine

  • Adverts via promotional emails,newsletters and news section in magazine

  • Adverts on our blog site

  • ​On-line promotions/marketing via Tweeter, Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn updates.

  • You can also sponsor our monthly testing competitions, crosswords, puzzles and webinars.  

And that's just not it. You will get FREE consultation from our marketing experts who will help you choose right mode of advertising with us. Please download our media kit for more details.      


We understand your needs and also your budget , so don't worry ! 

Ratings and Reviews 

Life is busy and people don't have much time to 'Try, Evaluate and Decide' thing. And that is why good books, tools and other initiatives go unnoticed.But that does not mean there is no one to value your work and invention. If you want your book, tool or any idea reach wider audience then allow us to help you.

Here are some reasons why you should buy Reviews and Rating from us:

  • We only write unbiased & original reviews.
  • To get more product / service exposure.
  • We write for our audience.
  • Our opinions are editorial in nature. We won’t write anything that is not true.
  • With our insightful reviews we'll make sure that your product gets the attention which it deserves.

How to Buy Reviews?


If you have any product or service related to software testing, we are interested to know more.

Email us at – editor@teatimewithtesters.com to know more.

Training Services

We are in strategic partnership with Quality Testing and we have joined hands to provide our audience the best learning experience.  

Currently we are offering on-line trainings on various test automation tools and Mobile App Testing.  If you want our trainer to visit your firm to deliver training,we are happy to do that. 

Please visit our special page for more details and contact information. 

Media Kit

We understand your concern and hence want to re-assure you that our any service that you choose to avail will give you best returns.  

Please download our media kit to know why your decision to go with us will be worth. 

For any queries feel free to reach us at sales@teatimewithtesters.com